Take your company employees to an intriguing place that combines team integration, training, and entertainment!

The Museum of the Cold War offers a meeting in the mysterious dungeons of 17th-century Warsaw, where the history of past centuries meets modernity. We will plan one of our scenarios for your company’s integration meeting or implement whatever you come up with yourselves

Available options:

Experience with your team a strategic game set in the world of the Cold War conflict.

Teach your employees to make rational decisions calmly, like Colonel Kukliński, when the world stands on the brink of nuclear war. The Cold War strategic game lasts approximately 3 hours.

Mysterious Evening at the Museum.

The night tour begins after the bells chime on the Old Town towers at 10:00 PM. It’s a unique atmosphere when the streets empty and the lanterns dim. Descend into the historical underground and uncover the secrets of the Cold War. The mysterious evening at the museum lasts for 2 hours.

Your Event at the Museum of the Cold War.

Create your Own Adventure.

For each event, you can order catering of your choice. The maximum number of participants is 40 people. The museum has a conference-cinema hall for 40 people, with touchscreen displays and projectors in each room that can modify content, social amenities, restrooms, and a cloakroom.

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Tel.: +48 661 125 196