The General Kuklinski Institute has been established in the United States!

2022 saw the establishment of the General Kuklinski Institute in the United States, furthering the mission begun in 2004 with the passing of General Ryszard Kuklinski, when the decision was made to create the General Kuklinski Memorial Chamber, commemorating his intelligence service and highlighting his contribution to the fight against communism. The General Kuklinski Memorial … Read more

Exhibition in Berlin

Today we had pleasure to be a guest in Berlin where we presented the exhibition “General Kukliński – Polish Lonely Mission”. We want to thank everyone for their presence and involvement in the history of general Ryszard Kukliński.The exhibition was co-organized with Polish National Foundation.    

Long Night of Museums in the General Kuklinski Museum

Do you want to know how would the World War III look? Come to the General Kuklinski Museum in the Old Town! This year’s Long Night of Museums in the General Kuklinski Museum will take place in a completely new way. We invite everyone to visit us May 15, from 19:00.Because of the General Kuklinski … Read more

Book premier on the occasion of Museum’s 15 th anniversary

On the occasion of Museum’s 15 th anniversary, the General Kuklinski Museum prepared a jubilee book entitled “About Kukliński’s place in history”. The authors are Director Filip Frąckowiak and longtime curator Jan Łada. The publication includes among others, memories about Kuklinski, photos of the beginnings of the Museum, Józef Szaniawski’s photos. It is possible to … Read more

15 th anniversary of the General Kuklinski Museum.

May 3, 2006 the General Kuklinski Museum was opened with the presence of almost 3thousand people. The Museum’s founder was Józef Szaniawski, last political prisoner of thePolish People’s Republic and Kukliński’s friend, he knew the necessity of creating a suchunique place in Poland’s and Europe’s historical maps. #15yearsofthegeneralkuklinskimuseum #2006 #2021 #jackstrong #hero #museum #historyofpoland #coldwar … Read more