Soldiers of NATO

‘A Day with General Kukliński’ for NATO soldiers was organized by the General Ryszard Kukliński Museum.


On 12 August, the General Ryszard Kukliński Museum/Józef Szaniawski Foundation held ‘A Day with General Kukliński’ for 400 NATO soldiers at a base in Orzysz/Bemowo Piskie.  Soldiers from the US, Great Britain, and Romania:

  • watched a presentation on the geopolitical significance of Ryszard Kukliński’s mission;
  • witnessed an exhibition presenting details of his life in pictures, documents, maps, and exhaustive descriptions consisting of 20 placards (the exhibition will remain at Orzysz as part of the celebration of Polish Army Day)
  • saw the movie Jack Strong, directed by Władysław Pasikowski.

This was the fulfilment the Józef Szaniawski Foundation’ statutory activity, but above all it was the fulfilment of the dreams of its patron, the late Professor Józef Szaniawski, as well as his friend and hero of Poland, General Ryszard Kukliński.

The General Ryszard Kukliński Museum/Józef Szaniawski Foundation thanks:

  • the Polish National Fund for their great help in organizing the event, in particular Chairman Cezary Andrzej Jurkiewicz;
  • the 15th Giżycko Mechanized Brigade ‘ZAWISZA CZARNY’, in particular their commanding officer, General Jarosław Gromadziński for his trust and invitation;
  • the Central Archives of Modern Records in Warsaw for preparing the exhibition.