We are pleased to announce a new memorial commemorating General Ryszard Kukliński at the Mount of Transfiguration in Kraków – Morawica.  We would like to thank the initiators of the construction from the Colonel Ryszard Kukliński Appreciation Society – Mr Andrzej Lorenc and the priest of the parish of St Bartholomew, Fr Władysław Palmowski.  The memorial was unveiled by the parents of Dr Andrzej Duda, the President of the Republic of Poland – Professors Janina Duda and Jan Tadeusz Duda, assisted by veterans Capt Edward ‘H’ Serwiński, Capt Stanisław Szura, and Col Wacław Szacoń, code name Czarny (Black) – a Cursed Soldier.  Further reports in Kurier Wnet.